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"Diving is a not purpose"
What you want a doing after entry to the under water.

It knows the sea, and a new diving style from the living thing to live there that says that it learns and enjoys intellectual time while feeling it various of behavior.
Pcom did an honest activity for 15 years or more and came as the lead. The how to make things enjoyable and exciting because of believing the extension to infinity according to the known thing it is not by tasting the anacatesthesia and merely obtaining the sense of relief.

"Link of the sea and the person" deflecting is a theme of Pcom.

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We open new guest photo diary.
Guest Photo Diary

2005 yoshi's slid show now on YouTube.
small cureatures (macro)

Let's Try Under Water Photography !!


Nauticam Marine Center

We proudly announce the official set up of Nauticam
product demo and rental center at Club Paraiso.

You can try under water photography. It very interesting! Our staff teach you how to handling and how to take a photo. Staff do all setting for you and bring under water and pass to you. You just take a photo.

Sony NEX-5 / NA-NEX5
INON 1 strobe
1 day USD 50

Panasonic Lumix / NA-GH2
INON 1 strobe

1day USD 50